Storm Chasing on O‘ahu!

By: Shannon McElhinney Storm chasing is a glorified way to describe what my MET628 (Radar Meteorology) class did for three weeks in November.  From October 21nd to November 13th 2013, the Doppler on Wheels (DOW) visited O‘ahu for the very first time.  The DOW is a mobile weather radar, an active remote sensing instrument, which emits radio... Continue Reading →

Q&A Part 3: You got in! How to survive grad school

Thanks for continuing to read about the “Path to Graduate School.”  Today completes this theme and the last 2 questions of Part 3: "You got in! How to survive grad school!" We hope this has been helpful to all of you! Question 14: What sort of career planning and/or professional development will I need to... Continue Reading →

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