What drives me to be a scientist?: Impacting society through science

"Originally, I was driven by the type of job that I didn’t want to have, but am now driven by the potential impact that I can have while solving marine environmental problems." Read on to find out more about what led Stu to his career!   Contributed by Stuart Goldberg If you put a label... Continue Reading →

Inspiring future discoveries and changing the world

Here is our second entry of our 1st SOESTblog Writing Contest “What drives you?”! Each week, contestants will share what drives them to do their research day in and day out. Each article will be posted for 1 week and winners will be determined by the most # of reads on the site! Help Michelle this week by... Continue Reading →

Questions about Graduate School

As a continuation of our 'Path to Graduate School' topic, we are looking to answer the most important questions that the un-initiated may have about graduate school. Below you will find 15 questions under three broad categories that are often on the minds of post-baccalaureate students while they contemplate their future education.  Please skim the... Continue Reading →

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