Questions about Graduate School

As a continuation of our 'Path to Graduate School' topic, we are looking to answer the most important questions that the un-initiated may have about graduate school. Below you will find 15 questions under three broad categories that are often on the minds of post-baccalaureate students while they contemplate their future education.  Please skim the... Continue Reading →

From garbage sorter to marine bioacoustician

By: Brendan Rideout It's hard to pinpoint when my path to grad school began, but one possible beginning is the summer after graduating high school. Going into my final year of high school, I knew I wanted to go to university (I'd known this since I could spell 'university') but still hadn't chosen a major.... Continue Reading →

How I got into science

By Donn Viviani “Aw Mr. V., you ain’t a scientist.”  I was used to a lot of personal criticism from my students.  They had opinions, frequently negative and freely expressed, on the clothes I wore, the food I ate, the car I drove, my breath.  Generally I found this pretty funny- what do preteens know... Continue Reading →

Path to Graduate School

By Christine A. Waters My path to graduate school was a mountain, and I was the stone. While many students view this challenge from the perspective of Sisyphus, perpetually rolling their boulders UP the mountain, the momentum with which I left my undergraduate institution flung me over a cliff and off of a ledge. “A... Continue Reading →

What was your path to graduate school?

Response by John Casey I’ve been asked this question on occasion in less formal situations and have always drawn a blank, my eyes glaze over and I rattle off some long-winded recount of a series of disparate events that I suppose led me to graduate school, inevitably leaving the person who asked the question uninterested.... Continue Reading →

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