Where the larvae go: Connections between reefs and human communities

Contributed by: Emily Conklin   As I basked in the waves of Kailua Bay, enjoying the sun and surf after a long day spent in front of a lab computer, I noticed I had a small companion. The juvenile mamo (Abudefduf abdominalis), identifiable by its bold yellow and black stripes even at this age, stuck... Continue Reading →

Something Old, Something Novel, Something Stolen, Something Green

Last of our Summer 2017 Blog Series! Happy new semester! Contributed by Rachael Wade As scientists, we often accept DNA evidence as absolute truth. The information we are able to elucidate from these data-packed molecules are undeniable and reliable. However, it’s important to remember the work that came before more modern techniques like DNA sequencing... Continue Reading →

To Jargon or not to Jargon

Contributed by Elisha Wood-Charlson Jargon, as defined by Google, consists of “special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand.” So, you can imagine why jargon is a natural target for science communication training and workshops. Hey, science jargon even has its own April... Continue Reading →

Why did I become an ecologist?

Congratulations to Carolyn Faithfull for being the winner of our 1st SOESTblog Writing Contest “What drives you?”! Thank you to all of the readers and supporters of SOESTblog and congrats to everyone who entered our contest!     Contributed by Carolyn Faithfull I grew up next to a lake. You could always feel its presence, even... Continue Reading →

Bedtime Science Stories

Contributed by Megumi Chikamoto Every night, while sitting beside my 7-year-old son’s bedside, I ask him one question. “What did you do today?” “Work,” he replies, briefly. Sometimes he says, “math,” or “recess.” Some days, he turns to ask me the same question. “Mommy, what did you do today?” To answer his question, I try... Continue Reading →

HIMB30 – The Prius of Bacteria

By Jennifer Wong-Ala  “Ew, you work with bacteria?! Aren’t you afraid of getting sick?” This is what I usually hear whenever I talk to people who are not familiar with the different types of bacteria. When most people think of bacteria, they think of the harmful germs that get them sick. The “good” bacteria I... Continue Reading →

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