How to Choose? The Larval Dilemma…

Contributed by: Marnie Freckelton It is a Monday morning and I am standing, as usual, in the line at Starbucks trying to decide what I want. I listen, awe-inspired, as the lady at the front of the line spends an eternity explaining the minute details of a single drink. Before moving here from Australia a... Continue Reading →

Life Aquatic aboard the R/V Atlantis

Contributed by Kelle Freel With my warmest sweatshirt, beanie, and fuzzy socks, I sat in a dark room lit by a set of giant screens secured against one wall. I wasn’t alone. There were two other research scientists sitting at their respective stations along with three engineers trained to guide the remotely operated vehicle (ROV)... Continue Reading →

Bridging the Gap

Contributed by Leah Shizuru Whooosh... As I stood near the puka and gazed at the raw beauty of the steady flow of incoming ocean water spilling into the fishpond I listened to and appreciated the unmistakable sound of rushing water. What a thrilling experience for both the eyes and ears. It was hard to fathom... Continue Reading →

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