Bridging the Gap

Contributed by Leah Shizuru Whooosh... As I stood near the puka and gazed at the raw beauty of the steady flow of incoming ocean water spilling into the fishpond I listened to and appreciated the unmistakable sound of rushing water. What a thrilling experience for both the eyes and ears. It was hard to fathom... Continue Reading →

Would you like a side of plastic with your fish?

Contributed by Jennifer Wong-Ala The aroma of freshly defrosted Alepisaurus ferox (Longnose Lancetfish)  stomach begins to fill the lab as I place my first stomach of the day on the dissection tray. I look at the unopened stomach and begin to see an odd shaped object protruding from the inside. I make my first cut... Continue Reading →

Bedtime Science Stories

Contributed by Megumi Chikamoto Every night, while sitting beside my 7-year-old son’s bedside, I ask him one question. “What did you do today?” “Work,” he replies, briefly. Sometimes he says, “math,” or “recess.” Some days, he turns to ask me the same question. “Mommy, what did you do today?” To answer his question, I try... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Always Bad to Cross the Line

    Contributed by Michelle Jungbluth, e-mailed via satellite while battling rough seas along the Atlantic Meridional Transect.  Monday October 13th was an exciting day for us at sea. This is the day we crossed the equator. After a restless nights sleep, I woke up at 01:30 am to continue my normal early-morning routine before... Continue Reading →

Creatures Lurking in the Darkness

By Anela Choy In clear waters to the far north-west of Hawaiʻi’s main islands is a series of submerged and partially submerged remnants of once volcanic islands and drowned coral reefs.  These land masses and the 139,797 square-miles of the surrounding Pacific Ocean comprise the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, our nation’s largest conservation area and... Continue Reading →

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