Naive Expectations: Fieldwork in Hawai’i

Second story in our Summer 2017 Blog Series! Enjoy! Contributed by Catherine Hudson “We’re doing fieldwork in Hawaaaaaiiii! We’re doing field work in Hawaaaaiii,” I sang out as we began to rig up the kayak for our adventure. It was a beautiful day in paradise complete with a bright sun overhead, majestic mountains rising up... Continue Reading →

Aquatic Soldiering – The Norm

By Christine A. Waters I told myself I wouldn’t have to do this anymore. Whaaaat am I doing here?” As the sun beat down on us mercilessly, I played through memories: the incisive friction of Kevlar antennas and tie-downs tearing from my grip in the Chihuahuan Desert under gusts of wind, the swelling cramps in... Continue Reading →

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