About Science Communicators ‘Ohana

E Komo Mai to our blog page!

We are a collective of scientists and science enthusiasts with the desire to communicate our science effectively. As part of the Science Communicators ‘Ohana (SciComm ‘Ohana), a Registered Independent Organization at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, we get together to practice talking about our science to audiences not in our field.

On this site you will find blog articles from science professionals, graduate, and undergraduate students about their experiences in the field, outreach, how they got into science, and more.

Please ‘follow’ our page to stay up to date on our new blog posts and stay tuned to our Events and Updates page to learn about upcoming SciComm ‘Ohana events near you! Please also check out our facebook page – where there are a lot of resources on science communication.

Mahalo and enjoy!

~Science Communicator ‘Ohana


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