Handy Links!

10 essential qualities of science bloggers – From PLOS Blogs

How to write great blog content – this is a good one, lots to consider

6 characteristics of a great blog post 

Science blogs in the UH community:

Astronaut for Hire – Science blog focusing on G&G PhD student Brian Shiro’s space-related adventures

Science Sushi – Science blog by Cell and Molecular Biology recent PhD graduate Christie Wilcox on DiscoverMagazine.com

#HOPEJAHRENSURECANWRITE – Blog by G&G Professor Dr. Hope Jahren, highlighting stories in academia, especially on interactions between men and women.

Coraloha – Science blog by Ph.D. student Christopher Wall who studies corals all over the world.

Other science blogs:

ClimateSnack.com – a climate blog for early career climate students and scientists in Norwegian and English focused on improving communication skills and providing an outlet for open communication of ideas.  Created by a SOEST affiliate, Matthew Reeve, at the University of Bergen (who is advised by SOEST Meteorology dept Prof. Pao-Shin Chu)

 Deep Sea News – Ocean Sciences blog

 National Geographic: The Loom – Nature blog by the award winning science writer Carl Zimmer

 C-MORE  blog posts on ScienceBuzz – Articles written by C-MORE grad students and Post-docs, many from UH Manoa, posted on ScienceBuzz

OceanScienceNow.com – Ocean Sciences blog from Hopkins Marine Station

Press Releases About UHM Students:

Plastic. It’s what’s for dinner

Great White sharks feast at a seal buffet before going out to sea

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