How to Choose? The Larval Dilemma…

Contributed by: Marnie Freckelton It is a Monday morning and I am standing, as usual, in the line at Starbucks trying to decide what I want. I listen, awe-inspired, as the lady at the front of the line spends an eternity explaining the minute details of a single drink. Before moving here from Australia a... Continue Reading →

Something Old, Something Novel, Something Stolen, Something Green

Last of our Summer 2017 Blog Series! Happy new semester! Contributed by Rachael Wade As scientists, we often accept DNA evidence as absolute truth. The information we are able to elucidate from these data-packed molecules are undeniable and reliable. However, it’s important to remember the work that came before more modern techniques like DNA sequencing... Continue Reading →

A Bittersweet Cruise

A guest blog post contributed by Donn Viviani I conduct my oceanographic research on a 186-foot-long ship at Station ALOHA, 60 miles from 'Oahu and the site of the 25-year-old Hawai'i Ocean Time-series. Cruises last five days and are scheduled well in advance.  So I was surprised one evening when my advisor emailed, “we have... Continue Reading →

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