Life Aquatic aboard the R/V Atlantis

Contributed by Kelle Freel With my warmest sweatshirt, beanie, and fuzzy socks, I sat in a dark room lit by a set of giant screens secured against one wall. I wasn’t alone. There were two other research scientists sitting at their respective stations along with three engineers trained to guide the remotely operated vehicle (ROV)... Continue Reading →

Naive Expectations: Fieldwork in Hawai’i

Second story in our Summer 2017 Blog Series! Enjoy! Contributed by Catherine Hudson “We’re doing fieldwork in Hawaaaaaiiii! We’re doing field work in Hawaaaaiii,” I sang out as we began to rig up the kayak for our adventure. It was a beautiful day in paradise complete with a bright sun overhead, majestic mountains rising up... Continue Reading →

Adapting Locally to Sea-level Rise

By: Haunani Kane Wetlands are important to Island communities because they provide food in the form of loʻi (taro patch), and loko iʻa (fishpond), trap sediment that may otherwise enter the ocean, and provide habitat to a number of native and endangered species.  Sea-level rise, however, threatens the integrity of coastal wetlands due to increased erosion,... Continue Reading →

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